Sunday, 13 May 2018

God help me

Okay I may sound like a crazy person but I need to stop thinking useless things...

I have a problem with thinking too much lately, it's like my mind is racing...

And I'm kind of tired, especially after hours doing oncall and stuffs..

K bye

Monday, 23 April 2018

Things I Can't Live Without

Assalamualaikum! Hi

I think I had written something like this back then, which is interesting because each year, there is always something new I can't live without. Hahah. I take that as being a human - we change every single time. Hence, I was thinking, ' okay Ella lets do a similar post'. Heheh. Some things I never would expect to be on the list if you ask me last year, perhaps. Hm, this is interesting. Okay, lets get started.

1. Lip balms
I have been obsessed with lip balms! I have quite a collection if you ask me. There's this hydrating one, moisturizing one (hm, I know they pretty much do the same thing but hey, the spelling is different, so it's different hahah), with hint of color, sun-protecting one...and the list goes on and on... I think I have more lip balms than lipsticks. Not sure if it's a good thing but I really enjoy having lip balms on daily basis and occasional lipsticks on when I'm feeling vogue :') Difference after wearing it? Well, I love having moisturized and healthy looking lips and yes, you can definitely see the difference after wearing it for some time. It evens out your lips tone and yes, you won't look that dehydrated

2. Vaseline
I have been recommending this to all my friends over and over, whenever they ask what did I put on my brows. I would not say it's lebat or anything but they look healthy and neat? Anyways, I have been using vaseline for my brows since forever (okay, maybe not forever but since PASUM days? like 5-6 years back? sorry I have poor memory haha). I apply vaseline on my brows before I go to sleep and that's pretty much it. Try it, but be consistent, Rome wasn't built in a day.

3. Himalaya Neem Face Pack
I super, duper love this stuff, I swear to God. Hahah. Bought it in Guardian a while back and I really like it. Call me crazy, but I use this whenever I please. :') But, it can make your face a little dry but it's not that bad since I, myself was born with Sahara-dry face. It was said to help with your open pores, reduced oils and removes dirts and impurities on top of soothing your skin. Well, I definitely agree on that.

4. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye shadow Pallet
Hi, sorry I'm late to the party. Haha. This pallet has been on the market forrrrrrr so long and finally I can get my hands on it thanks to A. I have been eyeing this for..forever but never really buy it because I have few other Too Faced pallets which I rarely use as well (oh well, I don't have events to go in Medical School huhuhuhuhu). Anyways, I got it as a gift, as a motivation before I sit for my Final exams...hahaha. Well, now I hardly look at my other eye shadow pallets 'cause I'm feeling a little peachy these days...can you relate?

5. Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder
This is by far the most beautiful, cheap, and worth it bronzing powder I have ever tried on. I bought it for fun, with no expectation and that's was when I was blown away with how cool it turned out. Mind you, I don't even use blusher when I have this thing on, since it already gives that summery-oh look at me - I'm all bronzed kinda look :')

The list goes on and on, but let's talk about other things next time. Hahah.

Bye for now!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Finally, Alhamdulillah

Assalamualaikum, Hi.

It's been a few days since I got my result, and Alhamdulillah, I passed my MBBS Exit Exams :) Words can't even explain how happy, thankful and blessed I felt at that moment. I was surrounded with my bestest friends and I couldn't imagine having my result any other way. Throughout past few weeks, we have been very, sickly, miserable - endless studying, discussions you name it but I'm glad we did it together. I'm super lucky to have such supportive friends. Even though it was a pretty happy evening for most of us, I felt sad too, as some of us didn't make it...It was rough. My thoughts and prayers go to those who didn't make it and hopefully, you guys can come out stronger and finish this unsettled battle in July!

Now, some people might feel weird, that we basically had our MBBS Exit Exams this soon. Oh well, if you have been following me on this blog, you probably know that the curriculum that I'm currently in is a new system, adapted from Sydney's. Hence, we had it pretty fast, and rough too... with that being said, after this we are going to have our training in UMMC itself for 2 months (they call it pre-internship) basically to prep us for Housemanships. I'm kind of excited and can't wait what's in store for us!

5 years...and it's about to end. But this is definitely not the end, this is a beginning to my journey. I want to be a Surgeon, and InsyaAllah I'll do whatever I could, with my kudrat to achieve this dream of mine. Oh God, isn't that sounds nice? Anyways, thank you to those who congratulated me on Fb, Whatsapp.., I really appreciate it! Now that I'm done with my Exams....I'll be pretty busy with training in UMMC and preparing for X. So many things going on this year! Hehe

Ttyl! (I'm kind of enjoying writing on this blog now, hehe)
Bye for now!

Saturday, 7 April 2018


Assalamualaikum, Hi

Im writing this because I feel terribly suffocated after reading textbooks for hours. God, lemme pass my Final Exams, okay so as you guys already know (if you don't, then I assume you don't know me that well) I'm in my final year and next week would be MY CLINICAL EXAMS. God, even the sound of it makes my heart beats miserably. I just finished my BARRIER PAPERS last week and though it seems like I am already half way there to end this suffering, I am beyond afraid for this upcoming clinical exams....

They all say it's about luck, I guess it probably is. So, lets hope for the best and wish me luck !

Monday, 25 September 2017

I'm a final year!

Hi assalamualaikum.

Sedar x sedar almost 6 months je lagi untuk mengadap final exam. It has been an overwhelming and challenging journey untuk sampai ke tahap ni...but yang lebih challenging dan gila ialah exam bulan 4 next year. Rasa nak menangis pula memikirkannya. Hahah. Sometimes I feel like macam xcukup je ilmu di dada as a final year medical student. But orang kata macam tu bagus so we know we can improve ourselves more and jangan overrrrr confident sangat. Hahah. Alhamdulilah setakut takut den, tak sabar nak habis belajar huhu. I wanna work work work work *cue lagu Rihanna*

Some people said yang study lagi best dari kerja but for me, I wanna work. I wanna make decisions, be responsible and of course I wanna earn moneyyy dengan titik peluh sendiri. Nothing beats the feeling of getting your first paycheck! It's not going to be easy buttt I believe that disebalik kesulitan ada kesenangan. Kalau hidup nak senang je memang kat situ jeeeelaaaaa hang. Huhu

Hopefully by 6 months I will be ready for Final Exam. Also, I am thankful for many reasons. At the moment I have so many reasons to be happy and I wish things stay the same way.

Everyday is a good day. If it isnt, its just still  too early or you havent had your coffee yet. 😎


Friday, 9 June 2017

Review IN2IT Liquid Matte Lipstick

Hi assalamualaikum!

Yes I know this blog dah berhabuk and almost nothing was posted for such a long time :') I have been busy with life and life so far has been quite a journey. Cehwah. Surprisingly, this is going to be a review post. Yes you hearddddd meee people. So yesterday as I was hanging around in Guardian TBS saja lah bodek-bodek all the lipsticks yang ada. No, seriously I tried almost all yang ada :') I think I need a new one and so I bought one. The funny thing about this IN2IT liquid matte is that packaging dia of coursely seakan-akan menyamai Kylie Jenner's. The world nowadays teach us about the opposite of copyright and originality without a hint of guilt haha. Long story short, I tried one of the shades anddddd I loveeed it. So here goes the review:-

IN2IT Liquid Matte Lipstick (05 Rogue)

Hasil carian imej untuk in2it liquid matte
Photo: Credit google (All the shades available)

I got mine in the shade of Rogue 05. Totally into nude/brownish lipstick these days. Im aging guys.

1. Highly pigmented. Sekali sapu je dah bole cover your lips which is gooood as you won't feel the need to put on too much product on your lips.
2. Smells good. It has fruity-ish smell to it which I think quite nice. As long as it doesn't smell like chemical and tayar I don't mind. Haha
3. Staying power +++++. To remove this from my lips I actually had to use baby oil (cause Im a baby that's why LOL). You don't actually need to apply a second coat whatsoever after first application.
4. Cheap. (RM20+This lipstick actually reminds me of my Nyx Matte Lipstick which is a little more expensive than this one so I did good. Haha
5. Not drying yet not moisturizing? Haha I can't decide but I guess that's okay. Nyx Matte Lipstick is quite drying for me.

1. Sticky. Even after you pakai, you will feel its stickiness when you press your lips together. But I can live with that. Unless you're the type of person yang tak suka sticky lipstick then this is not for you.
2. It transfersss. Yes but not that much. So, you can expect a little (sikit jer) stain on glass/sudu/mangkuk/periuk LOL (I actually tried this okay people hmmmm Im that extra)
3. Limited shades. There are only 5 shades available and I loveee them all except that Im kind of bored with pink/red-ish lipsticks at the moment.

Conclusion: - I really like this lipstick and I think this would be a cheaper and good dupe to Nyx Matte Lipstick which is slightly expensive than this one. Anyways, totally recommended!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016



First of all, gelak lu. Kehkeh. Mengarut je kononnya nak update blog blah blah blah tetapi sampai ke sudah tidak juga ku buat. Biasalah, janji melayu. Betul ni melayu, swear. Hahah. Tak tahu busy buat apa, maybe lah busy belajar. Maybe, tak janji.

Sesungguhnya aku dah jadi pelajar perubatan Tahun 4. :') Time surely flies. Semoga menjadi insan yang lebih tabah, tak mudah goyah dan lebih berdicurry. Itu sahaja. I know it's not worth writing pun this post tapi saja lah kan, lebih baik sedikit daripada tiada langsung. Huhuh

I see you when I see you :')