Monday, 28 May 2012

first day di pasum

PASUM (Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya)-with ellahassan

"omg. first day sampai di UM around 9.45am, sangatlah sesak masak (is that word exists??) okey whatever, the point is, next time, if any of my siblings or relatives yang dapat PASUM. I will be the one and THE FIRST untuk advice dyeorang pleaseee datang awal. Gosh, i had sweats all over my body. Mane taknye, berpanaspanas di jalan and finally, tiba di kediaman kolej 12 :)
        but then, so funny, sebab kne isi another THREE forms which memerlukan kami semua untuk mengisi nye. TANPA KERUSI AND MEJA untuk duduk. sungguh sadis kan at that time. and what i was thinking right at the moment "oh please, this is the best university,so how can they give us such this first impression?!"
tahan jela..what to do anyway right. dah sampai after i had my all forms filled, i gave them to the people in charge and dyeorg suruh ke blok B. 
         maka, dengan yakin, i walked to blok B..but malang tak berbau, after berpusing2 di tempat yang seakan sama plusplus dengan ramai gilakk parents and students, the destination was reached BUT the one in charge told me these pleasant words
            "blok B? yang nak daftar laki ke perempuan?''
my mum replied, "anak, perempuan.." and then, dy cam confuse gilakkk
           "blok B untuk pelajar laki sahaja."

and then, i was like, like seriously?! man, this wasn't happening to me right? but i woke up, and that was real. :(
rase very stress. (you know that) but kne truskan jugak perjalanan untuk settle evrything. isokey lah ella, benda common, sometimes, it needs pain and hard work to build up a great success. hopefully lah. hhahha
the journey was continued, and akhirnya tiba di blok D (for GIRLS) so, after pendaftaran sume, kne naek atas blok untuk ambik keys and since i've picked my roomate dari awal which was, lovely Syahiratunnadiah a.ka NAa :), everything went smoothly, alhamdulillah.. :)