Saturday, 1 June 2013

10 Random Questions About Me

Asalamualaikum yaww.

This is just another random post. *lompat bintang

1) What is one thing that you like most in your life?
     I must say, my wardrobe. Hahah

2) Who is your idol?
     Any doctor in the whole world. Muahaha

3) What is your favourite colour?
     Red. Bye

4) What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
     Anything that simple, alive and trendy. And no bling bling =.=

5) Do you read books a lot?
    Definitely. In fact, I have this huge amount of books  at home. Normally I pick thriller novel and yeah, love    stories too. And any books by Sophie Kinsella and Wilbur Smith

6) Favourite movie?
    Titanic. I CRYY everytime. Boleh percaya tak? =.=

7) Heels or Flats?
    Heels. 4++ inch. Bother you? Hahah

8) Barbie doll or Teddy Bear?
    I have both, but I'd choose Teddy for the first place.

9) What animal do you like?
     Cats and cats. Meoww

10) One thing that you hate the most?


With love, Ella


  1. Heels, heels everywhere~
    Don't your feet hurt wearing those, cube? And- Awwwww~ My so-called tough-no-mushy cube cries when watching Titanic? D'awww!

  2. hahahah i kinda have this sensitive heart p

  3. Kufufu no fu. No worry, I'm the same. That's why I don't really like watching sad/mushy movies with families, it's hard to not crying. Ngee!